"You're busy. I'm not.
Let's switch that around."

- Software bot 🤖 (your future digital assistant)

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What if you could run your processes faster? Serve customers better?
Replace manual, repetitive tasks with processes that let people work creatively?

That’s where Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) can help.

Intelligent RPA accelerates digital transformation of business processes by automating tedious, repetitive activities so employees can focus on tasks with a bigger added value.

Being busy is one thing. Being productive is something else.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation might be the solution you need!

IRPA software can be used to automate almost any manual business process, including processes in operations, customer service, human resources, IT and more so YOU can spend more time on serving your customers.

Many companies are realizing a variety of operational and business benefits through their IRPA deployments, including reduced costs, increased productivity of their workforce and error elimination from what were previously human-run processes.

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"The ROI is obvious, the bot completed the work
within 2 weeks compared to a full-time employee for almost a year."
Ease migrating from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, customer Amista

The benefits of Intelligent RPA


Efficiency & cost saving

For each process to which you apply RPA, the payback time is usually less than one year, with efficiency gains of up to 300% compared to execution by a human. Extra profit can be achieved by having one bot perform multiple processes.


Flexibility & scalability

Implementation of an RPA project takes a few weeks only.
Once configured, the bot can scale easily to accommodate any work volume.


Security & compliance

Like an employee, the bot is granted access rights in accordance with set controls & limitations. In addition, it logs all its actions.


Customer & employee satisfaction

Your bot works 24/7/365, fulfilling the expectations of your customers faultlessly. Employees can focus on tasks with a higher added value.


One bot, multiple tasks

Every software bot can handle different processes. From repetitive tasks suitable for an RPA project over the preparation of reports to data management.

Amista's IRPA Calculator 🤖

Find out how cost-efficiently your virtual employee works.

Do you have some specific business cases in mind but you're not sure what the impact on your organization will be?

Use our calculator to understand the minimum ROI you can expect to see from implementing Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in your workplace.

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You will get insights in different categories:
- Savings
- Break-even point in months
- Licenses
- Project cost

Tips on how to quote your RPA project:

Most managers have a pretty clear idea of the volume they are managing. You should think of the total number of sales orders you create on a yearly basis or the number of invoices you handle every month. Since you have the volume, try to measure the human time spent on doing the tasks you think you can automate.

Think of the number of applications or technologies involved to complete one process. Additionally, you need to think about the repetitiveness of actions.

You can use questions like:
How many different systems are used throughout the process? For example: mail, PDF and an ERP package are 3 systems. Does the process follow predetermined rules?

Use case: Enhance the customer complaints process to avoid unnecessary compensation payments and penalties

"A time-consuming, error-prone task is now fully automated and verifications are executed on time. This has a major positive impact on service quality." - customer Amista

Time to market:
6 bots x 3 weeks

> 300 days/year

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How we work


We start with a conversation to detect where and how we can help. During a design thinking session we guide you step by step to review existing business processes as candidates for IRPA. Our goal is to help you identity the most interesting cases.


Based on the insights from the discovery phase, we calculate the ROI and make an analysis. We map repetitive and time-consuming processes and create a proposal.


After a proof of concept based on the detected cases, we go over to the development phase. We build the bot from start to finish and get it running in your system.

Run & support

We deploy the bot(s), exchange knowledge and train you or your team in using the software. Whenever needed we are available to deliver instant support or additional advice to further enhance your ROI.

Curious to optimize the performance and productivity of your business?

  • Do more with your current IT infrastructure
  • Improve analytics via accurate data
  • Lower operational risk by eliminating human errors

Discover SAP Intelligent RPA solutions with Amista!
We offer fixed price proof of concept packages based on your own scenarios to prove the power of RPA.

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