Why Digital Learning?

  • Deliver knowledge to the right people at the right time.
  • Motivate and empower your team with E-Learning on-demand.
  • Offer online training to stimulate growth opportunities and performance checks.
  • Onboard new employees quicker while they are working from home.
  • Manage and follow up on your employees' training.
  • Protect your brand by keeping the organization compliant​.
  • Keep expensive classroom training to a minimum.

Our trusted customers fully agree:

ZEN Accelerator Package for Digital Learning

What is it?

An all-in-one solution that standardizes the implementation of SAP Enable Now in your organization, enabling you to meet your digital learning goals and go live on time and on budget!

Qualified by SAP, the ZEN Accelerator combines a strategic methodology based on learning best practices with preconfigured templates and content.

For who?

This package suits small, medium and large enterprises looking for solutions to create and distribute corporate training and content with their entire ecosystem.

Your employees, vendors and partners will develop new skills and will be more engaged, satisfied and
equipped to deliver the best customer experience possible.

ZEN Best Practice Methodology

To help you with the most effective implementation of your training needs, we created a best practice methodology. This methodology is based on real-life self-assessments to maintain quality throughout
the project and to make sure you can remain ‘ZEN’.

We enable and implement your training platform or e-learning tool from setup to support. By combining pre-configured structures and specific content, we are able to deliver superior learning solutions faster without compromising quality. In general, we created a standard ‘menu’ to reduce development costs and time.

Key benefits of the Amista ZEN package for your learning needs:

Accelerate time to rollout and
reduce effort

Provide consistent content and increase flexibility

Address common challenges and reduce risks

Rapid reskilling &

Higher learning
adoption & engagement


Our Digital Learning Solution:

SAP Enable Now

E-Learning Authoring Tool

Corporate learning tool to create
digital content for both IT and non-IT
related training. It is also an e-learning
solution that offers in
application help for SAP solutions
(S/4HANA, Ariba, SuccessFactors, …).

  • Different outputs from 1 recording
  • Template-based content creation
  • Multi-modality for content re-use
  • Intelligent user assistance
  • Ideal for IT-related training

Interesting blog posts:

Customer cases

Content creation for digital IT training at Fluvius

The goal is to help each department or project determine a correct curriculum and provide them with the digital learning content they need. While doing this we kept Fluvius’ scope and learning strategy in mind to help further develop it. 

Implementation of new ways of learning at Pidpa

To support new ways of learning (e.g., in-app help, e-learning) and collaborative content making for all training purposes related to the new SAP S/4HANA system.

Efficient employee SAP systems training at Bridgestone

Bridgestone wanted to make its employees more efficient and productive. By using online instead of classroom education, we managed to drastically reduce the time to show someone the ropes. As a result, Bridgestone now manages to train many employees simultaneously. 

Transformation of classical safety training into interactive e-learnings at Elia

Elia wanted to digitize their classroom safety training. Amista guided them through the digital transformation. The goal: to support a blended learning approach. To make sure our solution would cover all learning needs, we applied our ZEN best practice Methodology. Using SAP Enable Now, we developed interactive e-learning and quizzes, tailored to their employees. 


ZEN Accelerator Package: E-learning authoring tool


  • Access to SAP Enable Now Cloud edition
  • License cost
  • Initial setup of the solution
  • Train the trainer
  • Basic templates
  • Expert advisory services
  • Learning strategy
  • Technical support and upgrades (by SAP)


29 EUR per user per month for 50 users*

Extra services (pricing on demand)

  • Customization (avatars, quizzes,...)
  • Content development
  • S/4HANA in application help: SAP Companion (Web Assistant)
  • Amista Enable Now application support
  • LMS implementation

*Licenses included for min. 50 users - price drops if you need more users. We offer discounts based on the number of users. Min. contract duration: 36 months. Depending on the requirements of your organization, a customized offer and quote can be made. Next to a pay-as-you-go model, we also offer fixed price projects. All prices are excl. VAT. Contact us for more info.

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We go for short iterative implementation cycles focusing on the featuresthat provide the most business value. This allows for a higher return oninvestment.


We don’t just implement solutions and leave. We want to make surethe end-user is enabled and confident with the new system.


We commit to solutions that we think are feasible and go the extramile to make sure we can deliver.


Our team is a highly qualified group that efficiently presents projects andsecures agreements: our say/do ratio is 1. Feel free to talk to our clients.

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